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Your task is to do a compare/contrast analysis of two works: EITHER one work from the Baroque and one from the Rococo, OR one work from the Rococo and one work from the Neoclassical period (i.e. one work from Ch. 17 and one from Ch. 18, OR one work from Ch. 18 and one work from Ch. 19).
MAKE SURE that you compare either two paintings, or two sculptures, or two works of architecture. Do not mix genres (this will make it easier for you).
Also make sure that you read the chapters THOROUGHLY, so that you have a grasp of the kinds of things you’ll be comparing and contrasting.
In your comparison, consider the following:
1) what kind of color palette did the artists use? Is there anything special or unique about the brushwork?
2) compare the element of theatricality and drama: is this a weighty work, or is it lighthearted and carefree?
3) are your works based on History? the Bible? Mythology? Something else? Are your works politically motivated (i.e. based on war, or revolution, or something else)?
4) always use terminology gleaned from these chapters. I’ll be looking for terms, terms, and more terms.
5) remember that I’m looking for an in-depth analysis, not on-the-surface kinds of sentences.
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