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Your job will be to investigate the firm’s human resource policies and tell us what is so special about this organization. What HR policies make them an excellent place to work? Identify and discuss at least five of these.
The company being research is Publix. So I am comparing Publix -HR practices to other companies 100 best companies to work for in 2015. (3 Pages)
Before your conclusion, you must have a section entitled “Implications for HR Practices in Other Companies” where you explain what other companies can learn from the company you are studying. This is the one section of the paper where you are analyzing what you have learned and extrapolating in order to make recommendations. You are not expected to have references in this section. Instead, this section should show some original thinking. You are not expected to specifically discuss HR practices in other companies.
Paper must be written according to APA style and be carefully referenced. Your abstract will be included in your page count.
Appropriate references: This is a library research paper and you must use at least 8 different sources, not including textbooks; so be sure to pick a company about which a lot has been written. At least 5 of these sources must be published journal articles; the others may be organizational websites, government websites, or other reputable Internet sources. (You may use textbooks and other books if you have more than 8 sources.)
Grade Rubric for Term Paper – (Measures Course Competency #6)
Criterion Does not meet basic criterion Meets basic criterion Proficient Outstanding
Provides overview of team’s employer-of choice through effective Table of Contents, introduction and conclusion Does not provide Table of Contents with authors’ names, introduction and conclusion (0) Introduction and conclusion related to the chosen employer-of-choice; may lack Table of Contents with names.(2.75) Provides sufficient information about the chosen company to provide robust context for the rest of the paper; provides conclusion and Table of Contents with names. (3) Gives detailed and compelling information about the company and why it was chosen, provides robust conclusion and Table of Contents with names. (4)
Discusses at least 5 distinctive HR policies and/or practices of chosen company Does not discuss at least 4 distinctive HR policies and/or practices (0) Lists and describes 4-5 HR policies and/or practices (5) Assesses at least 5 HR policies and/or practices in terms of why this company is an employer-of-choice (6) Assesses each of the 5 HR policies and/or practices with specific examples of how these add up to being an employer-of-choice. (7)
Recommends implications of these policies and practices for other companies Did no analysis of how these Best Practices can have implications for others.. (0) Presents implications of 1-3 Best Practices in terms of what other companies could learn from them.(5) Presents recommendations for other companies based on all 5 Best Practices of the team’s chosen company.(6) Demonstrates detailed team analysis and mastery of applying all 5 Best Practices to other companies (7)
Writes at graduate level including sufficient and appropriate references in APA style Poorly written, incoherent sentences, poor spelling, unacceptable grammar and/or total lack of references (0) Numerous writing errors but sufficient, appropriate and correct references or vice versa (2.75) Very few errors in writing and referencing (3) Virtually no errors in writing and referencing. (4)
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