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You will gonna to choose one not really common word or phrase that can be used in the article, for example “goat” “off the hook”. You can explain it with some way that you make up.
Please use Definition and Grammatical Function,Demographics for the Term, Rhetorical/Social Context,Origin, and Longevity as the subtitle.
In the article, you will want to do the following:
1. Definition and Grammatical Function: Define the word or phrase,
noting its various grammatical functions.
2. Demographics for the Term: Identify the users of the word or
phrase, as well as how age, sex, or other demographic features
influence either the way the phrase is used or its meaning.
3. Rhetorical/Social Context: Describe several social situations in
which the word or phrase might be employed, as well as how different
contexts affect how the word or phrase is used.
4. Origin: Speculate as to the origin of the word or phrase.
5. Longevity: Estimate whether you believe the expression is here to
stay or just passing through the language. Justify your answer.
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