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You must produce a report for the European Commission. The objective is to inform the Commissioner about current developments, and the economic and policy implications. Write a report on its economic competitiveness, so that the Commissioner can learn from performance across the continent.
RePORt content (Your report needs to focus on the following themes):
1. How is it performing?
You will need to focus on how your chosen country is performing relative to its EU neighbours. You will need to select indicators, and explain what the data tells us about the economy. You will need to justify your choice of indicators, and use appropriate graphs and charts. It is important to be selective here, as there is a vast array of available data.
2. Discussion on one of the areas.
There needs to be a discussion of how your country is dealing in one of the three areas of performance (SMART Growth, Inclusive Growth or Sustainable Growth) and an evaluation of government policy in this area, showing what specific measures it is taking to improve its results.
3. What lessons can be learned about the 2020 Agenda from your chosen country?
Drawing insights from your findings, you will need to consider the overall impact of the 2020 Agenda on your chosen country.
Marking scheme
Executive Summary-10%
This should be used to summarise the key findings of the report.
Presentation & Structure-20%
Layout. Grammar and spelling, use of charts, tables etc. Referencing. Appropriate format for the report. Section numbering. Logical flow and relevant contents.
Use of a range of sources of information. Evidence that data has been accessed and used appropriately.
Evidence that the information you have gathered has been used to answer the question. Instead of just using description, insights (informed by your research) are required.
This should pull together the previous analysis, highlighting the important elements and providing insights and recommendations.
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