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You are the chairperson of a large IS Committee in charge of implementing a new EHR. The committee is so large that you are not getting anything done. For example, you met for 4 hours yesterday and only got through 3 of the 15 items on the agenda, because everyone wants to have his or her say in each issue. The committee make-up is as follows:
* Project leader
* HIM Director
* Vice President, Finance
* Vice President, Clinical Services
* Chief Information Officer
* Director, Lab
* Director, Radiology
* 4 computer programmers
* Vice President, Nursing
* 2 vendor representatives
* Director, Cardiopulmonary Services
* Director, Materials Management
* Director, Research
* 3 systems analyst
* 2 database administrators
* Director, Training
The decision has been made to create subcommittees. The subcommittees will be:
* Training
* Data Management (date quality, data collection, and data retrieval)
* Development (programming, customization)
* Conversion
* Interfaces
All representatives should be on at least one subcommittee.
1. Who would you place on each subcommittee?
2. Why did you choose them?
3. What charge would you give to each subcommittee?
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