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You are an external investor who is interested in investing in the UK Grocery and food sector.
Evaluate the three big UK supermarkets namely Tesco Inc., J. Sainsbury and M&S using ratio analysis technique. Using the last 5 year end annual financial figures from the company’s accounts (each companies summaries are attached in documents -Excel) provide a comprehensive review of the firm’s performance. Analyse the three companies based on any THREE of the following sets of ratios (Profitability, Liquidity, Gearing, Investors and Efficiency – you have to use at least two variants of each of the ratio sets).
Clearly explain why the chosen sets of ratios are relevant for evaluating the
companies. Use appropriate graphs to display the trend and comparative evaluation across the three firms and provide a clear rationale for your critical evaluation.
Draw a clear conclusion based on your analysis and discuss the findings in light of the limitations and assumptions of ratio analysis technique. You are required to use appropriate in-text citations and relevant academic references in your report.
Please ensure you provide the relevant inputs to your calculations in a tabulated form in the appendix.
In point summary:
-> Use attached file where you will find the financial year end data from a reliable data source
-> Calculate any three sets of the following five domains (Profitability,
Liquidity, Gearing, Efficiency and Investor ratios) for the 5 year period. Use at least
two variants of each domain of ratio sets
-> Elaborate on the choice of ratios selected for analysis and justify using
-> Comment on the Trend and Comparative analysis of the company performance
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