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You are a travel consultant needing to provide advice to an Australian couple in their early 50s wanting to go to the United States for Christmas. They would also like to do a short trip to Mexico as part of their travels.
Using relevant sources of information, what advice would you provide them with respect to:
 Climate
 Type of clothing
 Currency
 Passport/Health & Visa requirements
 Check-in and re-confirmation details
 Advice on tipping
 Is it safe?
 Areas to avoid (if any)
 Journey times and time zone differences
What special needs might the following 2 groups have for a one-week holiday on the Gold Coast? Select the appropriate special needs from the list below for each of the following cases:
 Jill and John, a couple in their sixties.
 Smith family -2 adults, 2 children (2 & 5years)
 Edwards family:2 adults, 2 children (14 & 16 years)
Baby-sitting service Swimming Pool Full meal service
Close to night life Excursion booking service Teenage club
Tennis court Lifts Self-catering facilities
Early suppers Kids Club Safe Areas to beach
Car hire Service Video Hire Cheap room service
Gymnasium Food Court Kids pool
• Name two computer reservation systems operating in Australia?
• What are they used for?
• What kinds of information can they provide?
Objective To consider the types of preferred supplier arrangements that travel agents would take – and the contractual and written documents between companies that have a preferred supplier arrangement (slide no. 20)
1) Research a travel and tourism provider that has made a preferred supplier agreement with another complementary company.
• How this is preferred supplier agreement communicated on the site?
• In your opinion, is this a complementary business that aligns well with the other company’s services?
2) In the travel and tourism sector, name 5 preferred supplier arrangements that a travel agent would need to form?
3) What type of contractual and written confirmation is needed to put in place a preferred supplier arrangement between 2 travel and tourism companies?
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