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1. In our Anglican parish, holding the Eucharist can also serve the same purpose as Yeago’s example of “sharing the peace.” Then, many theological questions pile up from the practice of the Eucharist such as: Why Jesus asked us to remember Him while we hold the Eucharist? And what should we remember? Do bread and wine really transform into Christ’s body and blood? If not, what are their symbolic meanings? How does the Eucharist reflect God’s salvation and reconciliation with human? What is the communal sense in the Eucharist?..
2 & 3. Yeago does not insist one have to be a Christian in order to “do theology.” As he states, “It is possible…to ask interesting questions about God and the world without any special reference to the Church…to ask questions about Jesus himself from a purely individualistic or academic or political or moral or other non-Church context.” (4) Yeago, however, carefully defines the paradigm of theology that is “a very particular tradition of reflection, a kind of ‘theology ‘ that is intimately involved with the life and witness of the Christian Church, and has…