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Writing Reflection Guidelines:
In order to help you engage with, analyze, and synthesize the course material you will submit short writing reflection. This reflection is intended to help you summarize the main points of the specified week�s readings and reflect on if and how the class material applies to your own experience. Thoroughly answer the questions in the course outline to demonstrate you have read the material. You may either format your writing reflection as simply answer each question one-by-one.
Writing reflection must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman or a similar font. Reflection should be between 2 to 3 pages (double spaced) and must be at minimum 2 pages. You must make specific references to the reading material but you are not required to use direct quotes. If you do quote from the textbook or articles, you must use ASA citation style. It is important to read over your paper for spelling, grammar, and clarity before submitting it. I use a rubric to grade writing reflections, which I am happy to share with you upon request.
Writing Reflection Instructions:
Writing Reflection 1:
Respond to the following:
(1) What does it mean to say that gender is a social construction?
(2) Compare and contrast a (strong) social constructionist definition of gender with an essentialist definition of gender.
(3) People who have an essentialist understanding of gender often disagree with people who have a social constructionist understanding of gender, especially when it comes to laws and social practices. Name at least two gender-related legal, political, or social issues about which a social constructionist and an essentialist might have different opinions.
(4) Does a social constructionist explanation of gender challenge your own understanding of gender and sex? If so, in what ways is it surprising or different? If not, in what ways is it similar? Discuss.
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