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Writing a critique paper about the attached journal article
In developing a critique you should consider the following. (Note; not all will be applicable to all papers).
• What is the environment/background of the research, what is the nature of the realities (i.e. identify the ontological stance of the researchers) in that arena and how should that shape the approach to research in the area.
• What approach have the researchers taken (i.e. what is their epistemology) and is it appropriate for the area of study. What have they set out to discover, demonstrate or prove? Do they have an objective, interpretative or a radical stance?
• How helpful is the literature review?
• Why are they doing the research and what is the extent of their success?
What is the finding?
• How convincing is it? Does it ring true with your professional experience or does it seem to come from some alternative reality?
• What are boundaries of its validity?
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