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Writers personal opinon on legalizing marijuana
Argumentative Essay;
In a fiVe’P-983 55535’, argue_ f°r ‘_’1′ against the legalization of marijuana.
Present an argument .Wlth reasoning aimed at demonstrating truth or
falsehood by presenting 3UPP_oI:t1Ve examples. The supportive examples may
come from widely known Opinions and from the research of 911; source.
The title should reflect the essay’s overall essence. Comfug -N .>¢ h‘¢q‘.
In the 511″‘ Oducmry P31’3g”3Ph. briefly discuss the issue problem or
dilemma. Devise an assertion (argumentative thesis statement underlined)
to clearly state your position in the argument,
Provide supportive examples in the body paragraphs. Present your
argument, opposition, and refutation. A successful argument comprises
relevant detail. Be sure to acknowledge the opposing side, but give strongest
merit to validate your position. Use argumentative phrases to signal where
your argument is strongest. The argumentative phraseology serves to
strengthen your reasoning. Cite the source of information quoted.
Conclude by restating; A “ , the
Include a Works Cit ed ‘1deas_
Cite from only one source. . g
Limit this essay to -. 7′ emember
o utilize a thesaurus. i
5. Personal reactions/responses to the book.