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Write a report describing and analysing the HR practices and issues within a company of your choice (subject to approval by the seminar tutor).You must identify two different HR topics within that company. The HR topics are to be chosen from the weekly session titles on this module, for example Performance Management, Culture, Equality and Diversity etc.
The company and topics must be approved by the seminar tutor, who has the final say over which companies to use. It may be possible to combine different aspects but check with your tutor. Tesco and John Lewis are barred as companies that you can choose.For each topic you are expected to incorporate at least one appropriate theory/model or recognised practice. For example with Reward you could incorporate Total Reward; Culture you could include Schein or Deal and Kennedy; Performance Management you could include 360 degree feedback
In your Conclusion you are to include at least one recommendation as to how might the company / industry etc improve the situation in the future.1,500 words (excluding cover sheet, contents page, references and appendices). Any necessary additional information can be included in an appendix (company history, for example).
(you will lose marks if this is not followed):
• Cover sheet with title, name, date, word count;
• Contents page;
• Introduction (maximum one page);
• Main sections with appropriate headings and subheadings (numbered);
• Conclusion including at least one recommendation;
• List of references;
• Appendices (optional but can be very useful)
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