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Write a 6 page minimum to maximum of 15 page opinion essay .
The paper must include the following:
An overview of the case:
• Describe the conditions that led to merger with Renault
• Identify and discuss the driving and resisting forces for change at Nissan in 1999
• Describe were the cultural challenges Ghosn faced
• Identify the steps taken by Ghosn to bring Nissan to profitability
• Discuss the motivational and organizational behaviors that were fundamental to Nissan’s poor performance
Identify and discuss Ghosn’s leadership style(s):
• Describe leadership actions that were taken
• Describe leadership theories that Ghosn embraced
Identify and discuss the source of Ghosn’s power:
• Describe the sources of power he used
• Discuss how his was power gained
• Discuss how he utilized his power
Identify and describe the change management practices used
Identify and describe the mechanisms used to change the culture
As a result of analyzing this case, what new knowledge did you gain regarding organizational behavior and leadership practices necessary to implement change? (This question should be addressed in the summary/conclusion section of your paper.)
Please include a Introductory Paragraph , Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion Paragraphs.
The case involves strategic leadership, leading change, ethical leadership, cross-cultural leadership, leader behavior, skills, and traits, participative and empowering leadership, and developing leadership. Please demonstrate some terms in your paper such as Transformational Leadership, Path goal theory, Group Decision method, Cross Functional Teams. Lewins model of planned change. You must include a minimum of 10 terms/concepts. A great source for these terms is mindtools.com
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