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Workplace Privacy
As a director for the American Red Cross of Santa Monica, not only am I constantly faced with policy and personnel conflicts, I am also responsible for finding solutions to those conflicts. Recently, I was charged with the task of finding a solution to a problem we (as a chapter) had never dealt with before.
The American Red Cross is an apolitical organization. During the recent elections, a supervisor in my office sent out emails to many of our colleagues and her friends stating her opinion regarding Proposition 22 (the proposition referring to the status of gay relationships). She was strongly against the issue, and was encouraging everyone to get out and vote against this proposition.
The supervisor used her email account at the American Red Cross of Santa Monica to get her message out. Each employee’s email account identifies the Red Cross of Santa Monica in its address. Although the supervisor was acting as a concerned citizen and by no means meant to make her statements as a Red Cross representative, that is exac…