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Winters Dream
Assignment 5.1: Winter Dreams
• Write critical papers that make arguments salient to the students’ reading of the texts in question.
• Demonstrate familiarity with the diversity and backgrounds of American cultures.
• Demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills when reading and responding to texts.
• Demonstrate understanding of how cultural and political
movements have affected the literary arts.
• Demonstrate understanding of the role and contribution of
writers in American literature from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds,
including African American, Native American, Hispanic, and Asian American writers.
Assignment Overview
• This assignment requires the student to use critical thinking skills to interpret the
reading assignments in terms of social and cultural context.
• Essay (A minimum of 500 words, not to exceed 1000 words)
Activity Details
Discuss the structure of Winter Dreams.
o Describe the structure of Winter Dreams. Do Dexter’s encounters with a
series of characters form the structural pattern for the story? Or is the pattern
based on Dexter’s rise in the world? Or is it based on Dexter’s coming to awareness?
o What were Dexter’s winter dreams? How did they change in the course of his life? Is
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