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The final assignment (research project) has three predominant features:
understand the history of a problem in an international relations context, including the theories and concepts at play within it;
present a case study in which the problem is identifiable and compelling;
offer a solution or the practical application of a model.
For the most part, all three – history, case study, and practical application – may be accomplished using a tool that international relations scholars have borrowed from the “real world.” For the executive summary, prepare the following:
– Introduction and background to the Problem – include thesis statement
– Issues – What are at least three-four issues within the problem?
– Research and Analysis Pages
What is the problem that needs to be addressed? You will want to include the “solution” at the end of this introduction as your thesis statement or answer to the question (see below).
Background – 1/2 page or about 1 paragrah
What is the history of the problem?
Issues – 1 page (briefly state them in about 1 paragraph each)
What are at least three-four issues within the problem? Be aware of the themes (our weekly content) for the course and try to choose issues that dovetail with the course themes.
Research and Analysis Questions – answer these questions . Use the subheadings provided in order to give your reader a roadmap!
Complicating Issues
What is getting in the way of a solution? Fully explain two-three complications.
Possible Solutions
How could the problem be solved? Provide a few different ideas from various theoretical viewpoints studied in the course. Back them up with research that you have found.
Recommendation –
Given the complicating factors, what is the best solution? Why? Back up your ideas with research or an analogous model (something that has worked in a slightly similar situation that you could apply to this problem).
Summary – Anticipated Outcome
What effect will the solution have on the problem? (Be sure to summarize problem in its entirety in the summary, including the solution and anticipated outcome.)