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Why is it more difficult to interpret Paul’s letters than it seems?
Paul’s letters are more difficult to interpret than they seem because they are occasional documents. They were written for a specific reason to a specific group with specific instruction for their situation. These letters contain valuable instruction for us, but only when we have an understanding of what the occasion was that these letters were written.
How does the fact that letters are occasional documents (as opposed to literary texts, which may be non-occasional) influence the reading of letters?
These letters are one side of a “conversation.” We must realize that we don’t have “all” of the information pertaining to the occasion or circumstances they were written for or to. The Fee and Stuart explain it as being similar to hearing one side of a phone conversation. We only hear one side of the conversation, we don’t hear the specific questions or the information on the other end of the phone.
Another important aspect of these letters is that they contain “task theology,” not “stated theology.” The…