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why are there more men in the gym than women
Using Hope and Timmel’s six stages of questioning model (1994) or alternative model/analytical framework critically analyse the issue why are there more men in the gym than women.
1. Description (Why are there more men in the gym than women?) – Intro (250 words)
2. First analysis (why does this issue exist?) – present your theory + other insight
3. Real life (where does this issue normal occur?) – apply theory to your observations (link to reflective journal)
4. Related problems (what else can happen as a consequence of your chosen issue?) – present further theory
5. Root causes (look deep beyond the surface) – what wider issues cause the problem? Insight + theory
6. Action Planning (what can be done to help get rid of the issue?) – SMART recommendations for your organisation in the form of bullet points
7. Critique the problems using theory
8. Be confident to suggest recommendations (again in the third person)
2000 words in total with 25 references english stlye
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