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.What you decided to ask questions about (i.e. attitudes towards illegal filesharing)
• In more specific terms, how you set out to explore your topic, and the kind of questions you wanted to explore (i.e. to explore young people’s understanding of ‘criminal behaviour’ in relation to filesharing technologies)
• Methodologically, how you set out to do this (i.e. a semi-structured interview)? Why is this method appropriate for your chosen research? How does it relate to your approach to knowledge (epistemology)? Your approach to the nature of social reality (ontology)?
• Describe the themes that you found in your interview: what is their significance? What is your understanding of them? How do they address or shed light upon your research questions? Do they complicate or expand those questions? What, in other words, does your interview ‘tell you’?
• Your analysis will need to draw on existing theories. You might usefully consider how your interpretation of your interview corresponds with – or perhaps even challenges – published research in the same area
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 ,Qualitative interview research report