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Social Workers play a very important role in the society. Social Workers are the first to reach out to the client when a problem occurs. They provide clients with hope and encourage them to have a better life. Social workers must make the role of their work clear when they are approached by a client. Their job is to assist the client to know why they need help and where they can get it. Social Workers also unite clients with services, resources and opportunities, which provide them with the help they need.
There are various steps Social Workers must do before performing any cases or looking for any solutions for a client. A Social Worker would look at the first visit to the clinic that the client has visited, which client have given them and information of their history which includes family background, social history, developmental history, and history of the peculiar difficulty. This way, they can suggest what treatment is good for him or her. For instance, a Psychiatric Social Worker would find out the cause of the difficulty he or she is going through. According to the article,…