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It is nearly impossible to support one particular stance on the political spectrum for societal issues across the board. I have always placed myself in the libertarian category on the political spectrum, in the sense that I believe the government should refrain from passing laws that impose on individual freedom and support privatization and the free market. When it comes to the welfare state, I don’t think that the key to a successful reform necessarily lies in the cutting back of government spending, but rather a redistribution of the budget. I recognize the need for government assistance but firmly believe that more emphasis needs to be put on providing opportunities for individuals through job training, education, and work subsidies. As the American Political Science Association discussed, in their report on the rising inequalities present in democratic America, “Americans accept economic inequalities only when they are sure that everyone has an equal chance to get ahead” (APSA, 2004).
The welfare state in the US was formulated as part of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in response to …