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Welcome to EEP304 – Diversity & Difference in Early Childhood Education
This subject takes as foundational the value of diversity and difference in early childhood education contexts. Students will examine national policies and cultural factors that create/influence social justice and equity and that may impact on children, educators, families and communities both positively and negatively. The subject aims both to critically examine assumptions that frame practice and shape identity and to offer alternatives so that early childhood professionals can realise their role as agents of change around issues of diversity, difference, social justice and equity.
The ‘cultural plunge’ activity is designed to encourage you to problematise the ‘givens’, or taken for granted assumptions in your own life. First, you need to identify your social positioning, identity categories and elements of your subjectivity, then, choose an event or place to visit that places YOU in the position of ‘the minority’ or an ‘other’. The place or event could be dominated by a group of which you are not a member OR is very different from what you are accustomed to. The plunge is an attempt to make the ‘strange familiar and the familiar strange.’
After participating in a situation where you feel like the ‘other’, submit a written analytical reflection that:
• Describes your experience and discusses personal insights gained due to undertaking your ‘plunge’. You need to turn your gaze inward to examine yourself and your reactions to the plunge. Identify your feelings before, during and after the plunge relating to being the ‘other’, and offer some critical analysis of these feelings in relation to some of the features of your identity that you identified before undertaking the plunge.
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 ,SHAM Cultural Plunge Essay Diversity & Difference