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As the world went into World War One, it faced new technological advances that
turned the view of battle forever. With the invention of many new killing machines,
soldiers were now in the deadliest battlefields ever. From artillery blasts to machine gun
fire, from air power to biological and weapons of mass destruction, the outcome of World
War One would be deadly. It would be the first war to be the greatest motivator for
technology at the beginning of the century.
Rifles and Pistols
One of the most important and common weapons was of course the Rifle and
Pistol. Rifles and pistols were large and significant part of the war. They were more
accurate and powerful and allowed the men to hit a target from further away with a better
chance of hitting where they aimed. Almost all infantry and officers in World War One
carried a rifle, pistol or both. Nearly all infantrymen in the First World War used bolt
action rifles.
The American rifle used in World Wa…