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Watching a film or reading a book will leave you with certain impressions. Making notes of these impressions during the experience will help you in reviewing them afterwards. The reflection essay is written in the first person. It has a structure of a summary of your opinions about the experience followed by evidence that supports your declaration. It finishes with a short
conclusion. In this activity, your essay will be 500words(2pages)
in length. It will be submitted through a link to Turnitin provided in Blackboard. Please review the guidelines and consequences for
plagiarism before you submit your essay. To guide you in composing your reflection essay, please consider the following:
1. What was the opening summary or thesis of the film?
2. Do you think that the author achieved his/her goal in the
3.What was your opinion of the film?
4.How did the film affect you?
5.Summarize your view of the film in a conclusion. Would you recommend this work to someone who was interested in this topic? Why or why not? A grading rubric is provided for your information.
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