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Watch the following PBS NOVA broadcast Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens. While you watch, take notes on the following questions, which you will address in an essay at the end of this assignment:
1. How did Galileo’s astronomical discoveries relate to the astronomy of Ptolemy and Copernicus? It might be helpful to make a timeline.
2. Galileo’s telescope plays a central role in his discoveries. How did the development of the telescope come about?
3. What major discoveries did Galileo make almost immediatley once he began to examine the sky? These were published in his book The Starry Messenger.
3. How did Galileo relate God and the Bible with his astronomical work? In what way did the Bible as understood by the church at that time contradict what Galileo was teaching about the universe?
4. Galileo published a book called Dialogue on the Two Chief Systems of the World. How did this particular book cause Galileo to be pulled into further controversy?
5. How did Galileo’s daughter play a role in his life and his work?
6. The narrator, near the end of the show, says, “Saying that faith should never conflict with reason, Pope John Paul II used the very words Galileo had once written in his own defense.” How do you feel about this statement personally?
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