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Your task will be to design and create a 30-second visual advertising sequence. . This sequence should be an advertisement or promotional piece that creates a meaning,
mood or style. Your design should incorporate the combined use of images, audio, graphics, typography and motion/animation.
The design of your assignment should make explicit use of the theoretical concepts of visual communication, graphic design, typography, colour, etc to create the
meaning, style or mood that gives your advertisement impact. Outline your understanding of these concepts and explain your use of them in your design in a short (500-
700 word) design and analysis document.
Layout and create your advertisement design using Macromedia Flash CS3.
The assessment of this assignment will be based upon your demonstrated understanding of the theoretical principles involved, the quality of layout and construction of
your sequence in the Flash environment, the complexity of the design, and the overall effectiveness of the final outcome.
Use Macromedia Flash CS3 to create the animated sequence you have designed. Your product should have the following minimum technical requirements.
• Your product should be created and delivered 600 pixels wide x 400 pixels high.
• Demonstrate an awareness of technical issues (like image resolution, scaling, pixelisation etc.) when creating/using bitmap graphic elements for on-line delivery.
Create or manipulate at least 4 of the visual elements used in your animation using Photoshop. Bitmap elements should be at an appropriate image resolution and colour
resolution for on-screen use.
• Demonstrate the appropriate use of layers on the Flash timeline. Name and arrange all timeline layers logically.
• Your animation must include at least 1 path-based animation using a guide layer.
• Use the blend or transparency options to animate the opacity of at least one object. (Fade in or out).
• Files on the submission CD are to be clearly named, using the correct extensions for all media types, and organised logically into folders. No other work is to be
submitted on the CD-ROM.
Design and analysis
A 500-700 word design and analysis document outlining and explaining the theoretical concepts you intend to use in your sequence.
It should address the following:
• Your critical intentions with regard to your design. Explain your choices regarding the selection/arrangement and sequencing of content. What meaning, mood or style
were you trying to communicate to the viewers with your sequence? How did you intend to achieve it in practical terms? ; and
• Clearly identify the specific theoretical principles that you intend to use in the design of the sequence. Make specific references to the principles of visual
communication, visual images, sequences, graphic design, colour and typography. Give specific examples of where you will use these theoretical principles in your
design, and the effect you intended to achieve. Refer to the unit readings and lecture content where applicable.
• A reference list, expressed in the correct ECU-required format (APA 5th). Please see the ECU reference guide (located at www.ecu.edu.au/library/pdf/refguide.pdf) for
the correct format for print and on-line referencing layout. Remember to also reference the sources of any and all media (images, audio etc.) used in your animation
that you didn’t create.
The design and analysis portion of this assignment is a major component of the assessment. It is intended to demonstrate your depth of understanding of the theoretical
concepts covered by the lectures of this unit and highlight what practical use of these concepts you have made when designing your animated sequence.
This is a theoretical design discussion – please do not include any description of the process of production of your sequence on Macromedia Flash.