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The opposite thing happens in the television which audience is attracted by the magnets of the explosions, the fire, the pursuit, the shots, this means: scenes full of violence… it is enough to see to raise the “rating” of the newscasters when there are brutal notes compared with the information of the long speeches in political discussions considered boring because the image stays static in a certain speaker and lacks of dynamism.
The TV is a way for the action, not the reflection. It is done to optimize the entertainment, it means, to be relaxing and to manipulate, not to think, not even to grow…
This leads us to the following questions: Is the people who asks for violence?, or with what purpose the media offers it?
The climate of hostility has been intensified?, or it is a faithful reflex of a social decomposition due to the unemployment, the shortage of money and the radical political changes through which the nations cross?
Nobody knows the answers of these questions, but the television stays as the only window opened a world supposedly better.
The addiction to the TV and the lack of communication in home prohibit the people the balanced development of their capabilityto have relationships and the acquisition of qualities as the ease, the good deal, the affability, the comity; the nobleness in the males and the thin sensibility in the women.
The people who remain a lot of time in front of an electronic equipment, the TV or a computer, lose the necessary talents to be with other human beings and those people who shelter and construct themselves a perspective of the world across the television world, have much more hostile vision of the reality. For this reason, they behave with more hostility and less solidarity.