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In today’s society, we have evolved our culture to accept a wide variety of
different ideas that are expressed throughout the world. Wars, along with many other
violent scenarios are being generated across the globe as a new marketing giant simply
referred today as video games. Since the late 70s, video games have always preoccupied
the time of a bored individual seeking entertainment, and to an extent this was the
intended purpose. Today, however, many dissenters of video games argue that they have
become more violent; this I admit is true. They also add that this incline in violence has
had a direct affect on the behavior of the person playing the game. I am completely
against this, for I have played many of these games with my friends and I have never had
a violent outburst. In fact, I find these games an interesting way to act out in a virtual
world. Those that “seem to be affected” may have another psychological disorder that
may be confuse the game and the real world.
Video games were first introduced around the 1970s with very simple mechanics