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Varlam Shalamov “Kolyma tales”
1. Read Varlam Shalamov’s short biography: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Varlam-Shalamov
2. Read the short story “What I Saw and Learned in the Kolyma Camps”: https://shalamov.ru/en/library/34/1.html
3. Read the short story “Berries”: https://shalamov.ru/en/library/34/3.html
4. Read the short story “The Snake Charmer”: https://shalamov.ru/en/library/34/4.html
5. Answer the question “What does Shalamov’s experience demonstrate about human nature?” in the form of persuasive essay providing examples from the three of the above texts as your evidence.
On plagiarism:
1. The use of a paper prepared by any person other than the individual claiming to be the
2. A failure to attribute authorship when using sources such as written or oral work, computer codes/programs, artistic or architectural works, scientific projects, performances, web page designs, graphical representations, diagrams, videos, and images.
3. Downloading all or part of the work of another from the Internet and submitting as one’s own.
A finding of plagiarism may result in a failing grade of an assignment or course or, if very serious, suspension or expulsion from the university. As defined in the Dalhousie Senate Constitution, suspected academic offences will be reported directly to the Faculty Academic Integrity Officer.
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