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Using the Literature Review Table as a template, you are required to locate current (10 years or less), peer-reviewed research articles that use theories that are popularly used in the Adult Education field/literature as the theoretical/conceptual framework. Some examples include: Andragogy, Self-Directed Learning, and Transformational Learning; HOWEVER, THE MAIN FOCUS IS SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING. You are also allowed to include articles that use other theories covered in this class as their framework. This review of literature should include at least four (4) articles on SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING that use these adult learning theories and principles .It is important that you show variety in the kinds of articles you select. Please note that these MUST be PEER-REVIEWED articles. These articles must be related to any (or all) of the following topical areas related to Adult Education:
a) Designing Instruction for diverse adult learners
b) Designing and delivering instruction for adults in online contexts
c) Adult learners in diverse learning contexts (example, military education, public health education, higher education, community-based education, continuing education etc.)
d) Teaching issues of diversity and social justice to adult learners
• In your assignment, you must indicate the framework for each article as well as the topical area of focus.
• You should use the Literature Review Rubric as a guide.
• You MUST cite all sources according to APA 6th edition guidelines
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