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Face book is the world’s largest social networking site boasting over the five hundred
million users. Face book allows its user’s the freedom to share videos, photos, links, and play
games and interact with each other all over the world, however and whenever they feel to do so. Amidst such flexibility can come grim consequences. With diverse individuals possessing solitary personalities, instances of sabotage, devilment and wrong doings frequently coincide with the collision of personalities. Unsecured privacy settings and cyber bullying accentuate concerns regarding face book crimes.
As stated in the Encarta World English Dictionary the terminology privacy is the freedom from the observation, intrusion or attention of others whilst unsecured is construed as not protected against electronic eavesdropping. Therefore unsecured privacy settings are the non protection against electronic eavesdropping and confinement to observation, intrusion or attention of others. Elements of unsecured privacy settings entail: Password recognition, photo accessibility and contact informatio…