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1. How does Intelligence help the Joint Force Commander (JFC) and staff integrate, synchronize, and direct joint operations? (C500)
Today’s modern warfare means synchronized participation and integration all individual Services. They, with different doctrines in the new environment, are part of the Joint Force Command which point the using best on each of them helps to get the synergy by achieves the goals in joint operations. The JFCs combine certain joint functions to be able to reach the objectives. Joint functions are related capabilities and activities grouped together to help JFCs integrate, synchronize, and direct joint operations (JP3-0, 2011). Joint functions are Mission Command, Movement and Maneuver, Fires, Protection, Sustainment and Intelligence. Each of them is an inherent part of the holistic vision that provides the JFCs to understand and visualize the contemporary warfare. In addition, every of them is necessary and helps the JFCs to explain and conduct their forces to accomplish the mission. However, one of them, with its focus on adversaries, enemies, and…