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Training of an Athlete
When training a football player, or any athlete for that matter you want to make sure that they are not smoking. Smoking is very harmful and addictive to the body and causes increased airway resistance. When smoking is done it takes 24 hours to clear the poisons from 1 cigarette. The effects of smoking can be damaging for life by causing heart disease, cilia damage, throat cancer and other many life-treating effects. If an athlete is smoking the results of smoking they will see will be decreased endurance, decreased ventilation, decreased Max VO2, and decreased oxygen capacity. For athletes to be able to perform at their best it is important for them not to be smoking.
When training or playing games endurance athletes will sometimes experience something that is called “second wind”. Second wind is the feeling of relief upon making the necessary metabolic adjustments to a heavy exercise intensity. The major change that takes place for “second wind” to happen is when there is a changeover from labored breathing which is called (dyspnea) to normal breathing which is called (eupnea). This respiratory adjustment however is only a reflection of metabolic adjustment to the exercise intensity. The way that “second wind” is most likely explained is by a change in skeletal muscular efficiency as increasing muscular temperature brings it on.
When an athlete is training t…