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Topic: Multiliteracies project
Order Description
Part 1: Lesson Outlines
1) Write four lessons outlines (not full lesson plans) from this unit (in your overview state where they fit, e.g. first lesson, middle of unit etc). Show AUSVels or VCE links which link to each lesson.
2) Incorporate multimodal resources from the specified sources in the lessons (ACMI, ACTF, Scootle, NGV or authorised other resource), showing evidence of understanding of how to achieve student learning of AUSVels content or VCE outcomes through speaking/listening/reading/viewing/writing/creating within the contemporary multiliteracies environment. Your lessons should demonstrate your ability to design activities which involve students in creative and critical thinking and address the English learning needs that are your focus. Do not provide a lesson plan in which students are simply working on an assessment task; this does not provide effective evidence of your teaching skills. (As noted, briefly outline your assessment tasks in your overview; this will suffice);
Word limit 650 words (not counting AusVELS/VCE outcomes).
Part 2: Rationale
3) After the lesson plans, provide a theoretical rationale for your lessons/unit you have created. You must show evidence of professional/academic reading in both contemporary research on ICT/multliteracies theory such as Kope and Kalantzis, Luke and Freebody’s ‘four resource model’, Critical literacy, personal growth and the dimensions of meaning according to the New London Group (<