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Topic: Market Entry Report assessment
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The Assignment Scenario is the Oporto (Australian fast food company) has decided to proceed with entering the market of India. One of the reasons is that there may be government assistance and tax deductions available for companies setting up trade with developing countries. They now require you to follow up with a further analysis and with suggested strategies for entering that market with Oporto. You are required to prepare an international market entry report. Executive summary
Table of contents
Country/Market Attractiveness
Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis
Market Entry Strategy
Preliminary Marketing Plan Highlights
Additional research required
MKT30011 Assessment 2 – Market Entry Report Guidelines
Assignment 2 Scenario
Your company (from assignment 1) has decided to proceed with entering the market you reported on.  One
of  the  reasons is  that  they  have  identified  that  there  may  be  government  assistance  and  tax  deductions
available for companies setting up trade with developing countries.
They  now  require  you  to  follow  up  with  a  further  analysis  and  with  suggested  strategies  for  entering that
market with your chosen product.  You are required to prepare an international market entry report.  Table 1
over the page outlines recommended sections to cover.
Some of the work you did for assignment 1 (the economic and socio-cultural analyses) will form part of your
new report but you will need to condense or summarise it.  These sections will not be marked again, but the
content will be reviewed to ensure that your new content makes sense in light of the analyses you had done
for assignment 1.
Analyse – don’t just describe
It is important that you go beyond simply describing the country, market, and product.   Don’t just list facts
or figures – you must analyse and provide your interpretation to the reader.  For example, it is not enough to
simply tell the reader what the GDP or population of the country are – these are just numbers.  You need to
explain what the implications of the numbers are.  If there are no implications then you may need to question
why you are including that information.
SRC and ethnocentrism
In  Lesson  1 the  Self-Reference  Criterion and  ethnocentrism  were  discussed  and  it  was  noted  that  they  are
major barriers to successful international marketing activities.  You need to be careful that your report avoids
Handling missing information & assumptions
There  will  be  areas  in  your  report where  you cannot  find  reliable  information. You  can  make  reasonable
assumptions  (guesses  or  estimates)  to  fill  important  gaps,  but  ensure  it  will  be  clear  to  the  reader  which
elements are facts and which are assumptions.  It is also helpful to explain the basis of your assumptions as
this will strengthen your conclusions.
Table 1: Suggested structure for the report
Section  Explanatory Notes
Title page  Give the report a meaningful name. List author/s.  Provide date.
Executive summary  Should present key findings from your analysis, and your major recommendations.  Write this last.
Table of contents  Headings with page numbers.  Make sure you have worked out a logical structure for your report,
used numbered sections, and have chosen sensible brief headings for each section.
Introduction   Provides the reader with an understanding of the purpose of the project, its scope and structure.
Assess the macro environment of the country: examine relevant economic, social/cultural, political
technological, legal and environmental factors. The textbook contains an extensive list of topics to
consider (pages 580-583) but note that not all the topics are equally relevant, plus you will not be
able  to  cover  them  fully  within  your  word  limit.   You need  to  consider  which  details  warrant
inclusion, and which are less significant and can be omitted.
(Your economic and socio-cultural analysis from assignment 1 can be re-used here, but you are
likely to need to cut it down and summarise to reduce the word count – it will not be re-marked, but
will be read to ensure ideas are consistent throughout the report).
Market Audit and Competitive
Market Analysis
Evaluate the product, market and competitors.  The list of topics in the textbook (pages 583-584)
is a good starting point – but not all headings need to be covered, use your judgment.
Market Entry Strategy  What entry mode(s) will you use to enter that country (for example – direct exporting, joint venture,
strategic alliance, etc.)? Justify your entry strategy.
Preliminary  Marketing  Plan
You  are  not  expected  to  develop  a  complete  marketing  plan,  but  you  should  highlight a  few key
product and distribution strategies and tactics that the company is likely to need to employ in the
foreign  market.    It  is particularly  useful  to  highlight  those  areas  of  the  marketing  mix  where  the
company will face challenges, or where current strategies will have to be adjusted.  The ideas in
this  section  should  arise  out  of  the  analysis  and  discussion  in  the  previous  parts of  the  report.
(You are not expected to cover IMC or pricing as you will not have studied them yet).
Additional research required  While  conducting  your  analysis  you  will  have  found areas  where  you  have  had  to  make
assumptions due  to  a  lack  of  data.  In  this  section  highlight  to  your  management  what  further
investigations are required to fill information gaps before final decisions can be made.
Conclusions  Should  restate  the  main  issues  that  are  the  subject  of  the  report;  review  the  main  findings  and
results and express them in a general way.  The conclusions should lead into the recommendation
section.  Don’t go into detail, and don’t introduce any new ideas – this section is just a re-cap.
Recommendations  Briefly  bring  together  all  recommendations  you have  made in the  report,  as  well  as  your  overall
recommendations relating to whether the market opportunity is worth pursuing, and how to do so.
Recommendations need to be concisely and clearly stated, and flow on from the discussion within
the main report.
References  In a consistent style (Harvard is recommended) with all required details.  The reference list must
match up with sources cited throughout the report.  Check the referencing guides on Blackboard /
Assessment / Help with assessments / Referencing.
Appendix  An  appendix  is  where  any  supplementary  data  or  materials  are  placed.   Think  carefully  before
including one.  If the information is important and relevant it should be in the body of the report and
if it is not important or relevant why is it included at all?