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To assess the students ability to deliver an appropriate design solution for a building. To assess the ability of the students for critical thinking. Demonstrate how materials can be integrated in building systems and structures. Demonstrate an understanding of sustainability in construction Provide opportunities for the students to develop the ability for self-directed study.
6. Learning Outcomes
On completion of this item of coursework you will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the basis of the engineering principles of design covered in the course.
2. Apply those principles to a realistic case of sufficient complexity, which requires judgment in the selection of and application of appropriate design principles and material use.
3. Assess, design and deliver healthy comfortable and efficient spaces
4. Develop robust and sustainable design solutions
5. Present relevant information, calculations and sketches in a clear and unambiguous way.
CIVI 1032 Page 1 of 5
You have been appointed to provide early stage design advice for a client who intends to develop a new family house using affordable modular construction based on two open-sided 3.5 m wide by 7 m long modules, forming a square living space, which can be extended as the users’ needs grow.
The 2:1 plan aspect ratio of the modules means that they can be grouped together to form larger spaces. The system is also extendable from houses to multistorey buildings. A variety of cladding materials may be selected, which can be either pre-attached to the modules or site installed. The pair of modules comprises a spacious kitchen/ living room, bedroom, and shower/ toilet. A typical plan form of the ground and upper floor is shown. Service connections are made on site, and the joint between the modules is sealed.
The client expect running costs to be estimated at less than £100 per year for heating, hot water, and ventilation. The solution should satisfy the Code for Sustainable Homes, and the system has to be approved by the National Housing Building Council. The two-module configuration can be extended to four or more modules without changing the basic structure, based on the concept that the house can be modified as family size changes.
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