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Title: Scenario B
Project instructions:
Scenario 2
We are to write an essay based on the hypothetical scenario listed below in red. There is no distinguished length on the paper; the instructor just asks that we cover the subject. I have paid for 3 sheets but if the subject matter is not covered in 3 sheets please request for additional pages, and I will pay for them. This is a final essay so a comprehensive approach to what we learned in class is important. Below is a guide line as to things to include in the paper. There is a lot of information on line about ADR ?alternate dispute resolution. Please look at some of that information to guide you too.
The essay will be evaluated with the following criteria:
? Comprehension. Is your writing well edited?
? Clarity. Are your points logically organized?
? Thoroughness. Have you addressed the topics sufficiently?
? Understanding. Are you using the course material appropriately?
? Instructions. Did you make hard copies and turn them in on time?
Scenario B: A friend of your family was recently laid off from her job as the supervisor of a staff of five sales clerks in a department store. She has decided to seek a new career in alternative dispute resolution. A single mom, she is her family?s only breadwinner. Because you have just completed a course about ADR, she asks you to tell her about the career opportunities available to her, how she could make a living wage as an ADR professional, and what she needs to do to qualify for a good ADR job.
Guidelines – The following are things you can use to help answer the question.
Career Opportunities include: Business Pathways ? which include; legal practices, nonlegal practice, consultation and training. Legal Practice- which include; paralegal, lawyers, Judges. To be in the Legal practice you would need a degree with ADR curriculum, ADR Clinic experience, ADR Court Program with Internship, Collaborative Practice with mentorship and be in lower court with specialty focus. Some places to help get these degrees are Pepperdine Law School or any law school, ASU Foreclosure Clinic, Collaborative Legal Practices and Judgeship in multi door Courthouse.
Non legal Practices ? Include; youth counselor, relationship counselor and case workers. The degrees and experience required here are ADR, PSYCH, or Social Work Graduate degree. She would also need to do ADR Court volunteer work and/or collaborative practice with mentorship. There are non-legal practice curriculums at Creighton University: Negotiation and ADR programs, Arizona conciliation courts will take volunteer workers, and collaborative practice with mentorships is accepted.
She will need a college or graduate degree, extensive ADR experience especially in the area she is interested, some teaching experience and an internship or mentorship to be qualified.
Some of the jobs she will be able to get are; conflict coach, event organizer, leader ship training, ADR ?How to? ?self-help publications?. Human resources employee.
Some places that may be willing to hire are; Salt River project Ombudsman, Glendale Community Mediation, Conciliations Court Program and the NAU employee liaison group. Volunteer pathways to a career can come from volunteering with the courts, churches, community centers and YMCA?s or youth sports. She can also look at court mediator, arbitrator, settlement judges, victim offender mediators or a neighborhood mediator.
To help her look at the job market she can look at ?Expanding Job Market? Hot Career Track from the US News World report and Career Builders.com
She can make a living wage my knowing she can earn from $28,473.oo dollars a year to 101,329.00 dollars a year with median ranges being 49,000.00 ? 61,000.00.
She needs to know that the career that consists of high growth are in the field of Bankruptcy, foreclosures and disaster. The careers that consist of high income are in the field off Probate, malpractice and construction. She also needs to know that high security jobs are in the field of divorce/child custody, customer service and online resolution.