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This report is really about the future of healthcare in our country. It points out that nurses are going to have a critical role in that future especially in producing safe,quality care and coverage for all patients in our health care system. ”Dr. Donna Shalala, Chair of the RWJF Committee on the Future of Nursing.Dr. Shalala’s quote is the lead in to our last discussion question. There is no doubt that the future of health care in our country is changing. This change is driven by multiple factors: the Affordable Care Act, the aging baby boomers, the ongoing nursing shortage in certain portions of the United States, and so on.
One of the recommendations in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report is that practice barriers to Advanced Practice Nurses be removed whenever possible to provide health care provider coverage to under served communities. The ability to “practice” has long been an area of concern to the nursing profession…as well as to the physician community.There are two types of “mid-level” practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician’s Assistants. Before you get sidetracked, we are aware of the movement to call NPs “full level practitioners”. This discussion is not going to be about semantics and word choices, it is going to focus on the two types of health care providers (APNs and PAs). One of the questions you are going to be asked by healthcare workers (MDs included) as well as the general public is:
“What is the difference between an Advanced Practice Nurse and a Physician’s Assistant?”As you all know, regulations about practice restrictions vary from state to state. This is true for both APNs as well as PAs so we don’t want this discussion to be about practice restrictions, physician oversight, or prescriptive authority. This is a question you should be able to answer quite easily with a little thought…and of course a few well chosen peer reviewed references would be nice as well.
The requirements for your initial post are as follows: Answer the following question: “What is the difference between an Advanced Practice Nurse and a Physician’s Assistant?” Support your answer with at least 2-3 peer reviewed references.As in our previous discussions, once you enter your initial post into the Forum, the rest of the discussion will open up for viewing and comment. We are looking forward to where this discussion takes all of us.Grading Rubric for Discussion Questions.Overall points are awarded based on the degree to which the submissions contribute to class discussion. Students must show evidence of engagement throughout the duration of the forum and postings that reflect application of the assigned lesson materials.
Score Criteria.The posts are timely and relevant. The posts demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the required reading and resources provided in the Lessons section of the course. The initial post fully addresses the required content for the Discussion questions. Ideas are supported by scholarly references. The student actively participated throughout the discussion.
The posts are timely, relevant, and self-initiated. The posts reflect understanding of the material presented. The discussion is not fully supported with scholarly references. The initial post addresses the required content for the Discussion question. . The student participated in the discussion in an above average manner.The posts do not add much to the conversation. The posts reflect minimal understanding of the reading and resources provided. Minimal evidential support is supplied for statements. The initial post addressed the majority of the required content in some manner. The student participated in the overall discussion in an average manner.
Activity in discussion is minimal and posts lack in substance. The postings fail to demonstrate mastery of the material presented in the readings. The posts fail to meet the expected requirements for the discussion questions.The student failed to participate in the discussion after placing the initial post. The initial post met the assignment requirements.
0 The student failed to participate in the discussion in any manner.
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