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This paper is an extension
(PICOT) question of two other papers. I will attach the other two papers and a example on how the teacher wants the paper done. I am also including the instructions. I will also include the comments he made on the last paper that cause me to receive points off please read it as it was pertaining to APA format.
My PICOT question is
“Does automated (computer assisted) communication in the shift handoffs reduce complications that arise from allergies in children with psychiatric condition
1)The scenario that will be used that lead to the PICOT question is a patient who could not have Motrin due to its interaction with Lithium. The patient had an adverse reaction and had to be taken to the emergency room. The prior nurse did not report in handoff that the child was on Lithium so the on coming nurse would not know that the child should not receive Lithium.
2)The hospital size is a 64 bed hospital that always is at max capacity. The hospital is a children hospitals that everything is done on paper charting and lab results are faxed over no computer charting.
Management states they will not be going to computer charting anytime soon as per state regulations it is not required.
I would like to elaborate that if a computer handoff system was in place then this might not have gotten miss as it would have been review by the nurse before report and the system would have boldly alerted the child was on lithium.
I will attach the example which is the 1)”Synthesis Paper” this is the example that my Teacher gave us. 2)The paper labeled PICOT Question was my initial Question. 3) The paper labeled “Communication Handoff” is the last paper I turned which elaborates more on my PICOT question. THIS IS THE INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC This assignment should be a maximum of three pages not including the title page or references, and double-spaced (12 point font, 1-inch margins). RUBRIC Introduction (3 pts) Briefly describe the clinical topic. Include a narrative statement of the clinical nursing problem, including setting and population. Clearly state your search question in PICOT format. Background / Significance (3 pts) Describe the background and significance of the clinical problem. Clearly and logically report the need to ask your clinical question. Include data and relevant citations from the literature to support the significance of the clinical problem (e.g., incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, cost, etc.). Literature Review and Synthesis of Evidence (14 pts) Using your GRADE evidence matrix profile provide a synthesis of the evidence on the problem. At least 4 articles should be included and cited in the Assignment. The evidence must include research studies (any qualitative or quantitative) or meta-analysis. Articles should NOT be systematic reviews, basic review articles, or clinical guidelines. Make sure to include discussion using the GRADE criteria. Critically appraise the overall evidence including synthesized statements on the quality criteria. In the summary statement, rate the quality of the evidence as a body of literature using the GRADE Criteria (high, moderate, low, or very low). The GRADE criteria and summary statement should address the body of evidence, not individual studies. DO NOT include (attach) your Matrix Table in the final synthesis paper. Applicability to Practice (7 pts) Make a determination whether sufficient evidence exists to support current practice or a change in practice. If evidence supports practice change, state the recommendation for change as strong or weak. State the implications for the practice change from a population perspective, not personal preference. Include relevant citations to support your determination. Discuss how the strengths and limitations of the evidence affected your determination and applicability to clinical practice. Style / Format (3 pts) Paper is organized; builds on each section; connections are clear and logical. Statements supported with appropriate citations. APA format; adheres to page limit, font, and margins. No spelling or grammatical errors. THIS IS THE FEED BACK FROM MY LAST PAPER PLEASE READ AND NOT MAKE THE SAME ERROR. Overall, this is the good introduction what could use an expansion. The formatting and use of landscape mode was not done according to the rubric and the heading for the matrix appendix was not an APA format.
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