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This is an online training module only. It’s just watching the clips relating to Health and Social Care Support Working. All you would do is sit back, relax and just complete the online training. There is no mental power needed for this training module. All I would need is 5 hours of your time in total to complete the online training as they have been segregated in different parts. It’s one whole unit but separated. If you can spare 5hrs then I need you.
Its enjoyable and easy. This is not needed to be completed until September so take your time. I will provide you with the login details on messaging board please kindly message me to confirm your ready to work on my training module then I’ll send you the access details.
I know you’re thinking why my only less money is on offer but there is no option on the website for online coursework. If this is a problem just message me and I can add the extras but don’t be too excited I’m not that rich to offer a lot.
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