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This is an abstract for a research paper. Last week I had you guys complete an an outline for this research paper. I will be attaching the outline with references, I will also be attaching the grading rubric for the abstract so you know what to put in it. This abstract should be no longer than 5-7 well written sentences. It should include the following:
Topic Sentence: your abstract must contain one sentence that clearly and concisely introduces the topic of the profile paper.
Content Sentences: your abstract must mention the following five main topics of the profile: background information about the species, life cycle of the organism, structure and function of one organ system of the organism, evolutionary topic, and an additional interest. This is challenging to write! These sentences should not be too specific, but reflect broad strokes summaries of each of these main topics.
Conclusion Sentence: Abstract contains one sentence that mentions key conclusions and/or findings.
To find the information above you will need to access the references on the outline. The library where these references can be found are at https://www.apus.edu/Online-Library/index.htm?sso=409b308020ff15bf7cd9eeeefa86f490
The student ID is 4677787 and the password is Fuckemall15. Please make sure you follow the instructions, use the outlines references, and the library I provided.
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