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This assignment will help prepare you for making nutrition information fun and easily accessed. Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in this country and it is our job as health care providers to be able to educate patients quickly and efficiently. For this assignment you will need to visit credible websites (American Diabetes Association, Mayo Clinic, ect) to gain information on this disease and what can be done to prevent the progression of Type 2 Diabetes. Once your information is gathered you will need to develop a handout for Adults informing them of some form of diabetes prevention. Topic ideas include exercise, eating more vegetables, packing lunch for work, dining out less, cooking at home, or “eat this, not that”. Remember adults are smart and do not have a lot of time so make sure your handout is well organized and colorful to catch someone’s attention and filled with practical information that they can apply to their lives.
• The Final Report should include your handout and a separate sheet with the reference website you visited to obtain your information.
• Your handout must be printed in COLOR
• I will use the best submissions with my actual patients in my diabetes support group at my practice
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