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This assignment involves regression analysis and interpretation (usi ng M S- Excel) and professional reporting (using MS-Word). Please review the worked out examples in Chapter 15 of your textbook before attempting this assignment.
1. Create a Word document and name it “A3-YourName”. All your work in Excel must be copied neatly into this document. You must put your name and document title at the top of this document. [2 points]
2. Perform Regression Analyses i n Excel as shown i n the textbook and the trai ni ng video. Copy the relevant results only into the word document. [6 points]
3. Type out the equations of your regression models along with the test statistics (R2 and t-stats for each co-efficient), in the specified format. [6 points]
4. Comment on the models, pick the best model and give your reasons.
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