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There are two parts to this assessment. You must attempt both parts and must write 1,500 words on each of
them, 3,000 words in total. Abstracts, bibliographies, and Appendices are not included in these word counts.
Marks are shared equally between the two parts.
The international convergence of accounting standards refers to the goal of establishing a single set of highquality
accounting standards to be used internationally, and the efforts of standard-setters towards achieving
that goal.
Critically discuss the following statement, indicating the benefits of a single global set of accounting standards
to users of financial statements, and highlighting the problems any attempt to achieve this goal might face:
“For users of published financial statements, the international convergence of national and international
accounting standards into one set of internationally recognised and applied financial reporting standards,
promised great benefits, but it was never going to be achieved on a global scale.”
Your answer should be illustrated with appropriate examples and extensive use should be made of relevant
Word count: 1,500 maximum (excluding abstract, bibliography and appendices).
Making appropriate reference to appropriate sources, select ONE of the following strategic management
accounting techniques and critically discuss how it may be used to manage performance in an organisation:
(a) Transfer Pricing
(b) Budgeting
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