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Theology of the Hammer
In order for us as a society to move forward, I believe that we must adapt the same central ideas that Habitat for Humanity implements. The mission for Habitat for Humanity simply is to eliminate poverty housing by partnering with families to build and renovate houses. They implement “Matching the Word with Deed” (Fuller 21). I feel that this is important because preaching the good word of God is not the only way to help people, as there are many forms of doing God’s work. “We know equally well that talking and praying alone will never dig the foundation, nor will piety by itself put up the walls. Only the powerful combination of the word and deed can get the job done” (Fuller 26). I really hate coining old clichés, but simply put ” you can not just talk the talk, but you must also walk the walk.”
I firmly believe that Fuller’s views are very realistic. The term “theology of the hammer” is basically about “…doing more than just talk about faith and sing about love. We must put faith and love into action to make them real, to make them come alive for people. Faith must be incarnated; that is to say, it must become more than a verbal proclamation or an intellectual assent. True faith must be acted out.” (Fuller 7). I do not see that as being unrealistic. After all, there is no reason that people should be restricted to praying for people that are in need in some church. If people have the choice to sit in some pew and pray for the less fortunate to get shelter, or build them shelter in God’s name, why on earth would these people not want to lend a hand.
Another point to support my argument is the facts. Habitat for Humanity has built and renovated several thousand homes. This means that many thousands of people have also believed that his ideas are realistic. Not only have they put time and effort into these projects but many millions of dollars have been spent on his “views”. It takes more than a good salesman to get that much money out of businessmen, politicians or even the average Joe saving for a new lawn mower. His ideas obviously were recognized and respected by a good majority of the people hearing his plans.