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Many studies have been conducted on the various features of cyberspace, its connection to social media, and how it influences professional, intimate, and cordial relationships. Although many spectators are convinced that society’s frequent use of cyberspace has taken a turn down the wrong path, cyberspace has opened up many opportunities for professional relationships to establish, such as the relationship between Facebook usage and an increase in work values in Taiwan (Lin, Le, Khalil, & Cheng, 2012). However, contradictory results suggest that heavy use of the internet by people may be a factor of producing negative social well-being (Merkle & Richardson, 2000). In order to fully understand how social cyberspace affects everyday relationships, all forms of interactions must be examined. This research presented will examine the positive and negative effects of cyberspace connections and whether they should be utilized and in what manner.
Primary Issues
Cyberspace is a time-dependent set of interconnected information systems and the human users that interact with these sy…
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