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“It’s a reflection of the political dynamic in America, where we don’t look at America as a whole. We look at it through the red and blue prism” (Taylor, 1). The red and blue prism that Senator Olympia Snowe is referring to is the political parties that function in the United States. The current existence of political parties in America is a hindrance to effective representation of the people. Because of the lack of bipartisanship between the parties in Congress, the absence of compromise leads to gridlock in regards to passing legislations by members of Congress. In this paper, I will argue how the strengthening of political parties’ polarization in America—and the priority of party over constituents—contributed to a lack of effective representation and increased challenges to policy-making.
In the United States, members of Congress align themselves with party leaders over their constituents in order to get elected. The distinction between political parties causes members of Congress to associate themselves with a party in order to garner the subsequent benefits. Through public of…