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The criteria for articles chosen was that each piece of research needed to involved the intake of CR, and being physically or athletically tested pre and post ingestion of CR with no other supplementation, steroid, or health related drugs involved. All research articles were double blind with placebo groups to prevent the effects of bias and placebo effects. All research was done within the previous 16 years and a balance of gender was aimed for in order to be unbiased but resources were mainly male orientated. Time period was not contained as a variety of short and long term supplementation is good to compare the different effects of sports performance over different durations of supplementation. Age of subjects in experiment weren’t specific but fell into ages between 16 and 25 beside Gualanoa (2014) article who were considerably older subjects.
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The results suggests that Cr is safe to use as not one of the article results showed a side effect (see table 1), this is hard to distinguish using the research articles found as only 3 of the 7 experiments went on for longer t…