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I have spent the last thirteen years of my life in the United States Army and have only known primarily one law and that is The Uniformed Code of Military Justice or UCMJ. Now I am making my transition into learning how to be a civilian and getting into the Criminal Justice career field I have to learn the civilian law. It has really become a huge interest in me the similarities and differences between the two different law codes.
According to www.ucmj.us on 30 June 1775, the Second Continental Congress established sixty-nine Articles of War to govern the conduct of the Army. The Articles of War were used until 31 May 1951, then the Uniformed Code of Military Justice took effect after it was signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. Uniform is used to make the code to be effective across all branches of the military.
For the most part military members are subject to the same freedoms and rights as civilians are. Soldiers have the freedom to religion under the first amendment, the right to due process of law under the 5th amendment and even have double coverage for the …