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Children play a key component in lives today. Unfortunately many children do not have the ability of having a stable home or school to call their own, while parents are not in the picture as well. This is an issue that is ignored by society and most importantly the government; in some cases. Without the foster system, children would be left abandon and forgotten by all. The foster system provides thousands of homes for foster children each year, with parents that can give them what they need. The American foster systems are failing; however, they can be improved through mentoring programs and finding more stable homes for foster children.
Many reasons exist as to why the foster system is failing and a major one is the number of children in the program. Although the number of children in the foster care system has decreased about 11% since 2002, “…experts worry that the trend might now go into reverse” (“Protecting” 47). “In 2008 there were 463,000 children in the foster care system” (“Protecting” 47). Actions of parents such as abuse, the use of drugs and/or alcohol, and neglect ca…